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7 Tips to Compose Your Music

When you learn to play in instrument, you do not just settle to it and move on. You become eager to create your own music and create the next big melody or song. You also want to create music that put your perspective, state of mind, and emotions on the platform. A good composition can leave a permanent mark on the listeners. Beginners face problems in composing their first music often. That is why one of the experts have given these easy tips to help you compose your original music.

7 Tips to Compose Your Music



Let your composition be a part of your daily routine. You do not have to sit with your instrument to create a composition. You can walk around while humming melodies before you can bring one to your instruments. Composers like Beethoven used to walk every morning before they started to write their compositions.

Tiny elements

Melodies in your composition will create a lot of difference in the final outcome. Try to add tiny melodies to your composition to make it seem full. Add a melodic bass line to the music to start your composition.


Try to balance different genres of music into your composition. Learn to be creative with the genres and do not just settle for a single type of genre to write your entire music. Find the elements that you can introduce into your music from different types of music.

Listen to your favorite music

Always have room for more inspiration from the songs that lift you up. Listen to food music to get ideas for your own composition. Maybe you can create something in the shadows of your favorite song and still do wonders.

Chords and scale

From a professional perspective, you need to start your writing process with a set of chords. Keep playing the chors until you find a melody in them. You can combine different melodies and arrange their scales to make them sound like a single melody.

Write a plan

Always write down your plan to compose a music. When you know how you are supposed to process with the track, you can start experiencing better melodies. Write down everything from the introduction of each element and the transitions in your composition.

7 Tips to Compose Your Music


Set a focal point

A focal point is the high note that your melody will touch once but never again. It can reach that note once again in the next section. Also make sure that your highest notes fall in the vocal range of the singer in the song. You can also do the same for the lowest note in your melody.

This set of tips will help you create beautiful melodies like a machine. All you need is an open mind to learn new things every day and put your experiences into chords.

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